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Are your products easy to maintain and how do I clean them?

Yes, our pavers are very easy to maintain. Simply use a moss and mould remover when required and scrub with a light broom or leave to weather naturally. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU WATERBLAST YOUR PAVERS as this etches away the top layer of concrete.  We also sell a 20L premixed Hydrochloric Acid for acid etching.

How much do pavers cost?

Pavers start at $4.90inc and vary in price dependent on whether you want paua, glass a special colour, stone or something else included in the paver.  Please contact us on 07-543-2122 or 0800 2 PAVE IT to get a price for your project.

Do you provide pavers outside of Tauranga?

Yes, our pavers are often transported throughout the BOP, Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua, Whakatane, Matamata and many other areas.

Are your pavers easy to install?

Yes, we provide you with D.I.Y instructions which are designed to be easy to follow. Just select “DIY Guide” from the tabs above.

Do you deliver?

Paving Worx can deliver or organise delivery.
Please contact us for the best solution for you.

Do you lay pavers or do we need to get another company to lay them for us?

Paving Worx work closely with and recommend some good Landscapers. Please contact us for details or look under the “Links” tab.

How many pavers do I need per square metre?

300 x 300 – 11 pavers per square m2
450 x 450 – 5 pavers per square m2
600 x 600 – 2.78 pavers per square m2

Do the pavers need to be sealed with a concrete sealer?

We recommend sealing them as it enhances the colour and protects them from from stains. Most spills can be washed off with water if sealed. We can supply a good quality sealer to enhance and protect your concrete pavers, An acid etch needs to be done on the pavers prior to sealing to ensure the sealer penetrates the top layer of concrete. please contact us for details.  We also sell a water repeller which works well to protect the pavers, this product doesn’t really change the colour of the pavers.

Do the pavers cut easily?

Yes, they cut very easily. Just make 3 to 4 light cuts of about 2mm at a time and then cut as normal.

Can you match “Peter Fell” or “Permacolour” colours?

Yes, we have access to the Peter Fell and Permacolour colour range and can manufacture your pavers in one of their colours. Please contact us for details.  It will never be exact as the concrete mixes and method of manufacture differ but will get close.